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3 MAIN PROJECTS: Creation of a lead magnet campaign with a free guide to subscribers of the newsletter,

re-vamping social media platforms + connecting with the target audience via email marketing / newsletters.


Instagram Glowup

Our Instagram Glowup Package includes a total re-design or set-up of your instagram profile from highlight covers, to post templates & a new link in bio for a clear call to action for your audience.


Phone mockup.png


Instagram Glowup

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an effective way to reach the inbox of your potential customers

using effective copywriting whilst showcasing your work. Frequent communication alongside a successful digital presence is essential for relationship building!

Lead magnet campaign

The creation of this free booklet generated/ increased subscribers to the newsletter while giving high quality and valuable information to the target audience.

It created a bold brand voice, through the use of format and colours, written in 1st person for friendship building.


Successful launch of the newsletter, with open rates and click rates above industry average.

Email Marketing

Project Highlights

Project Mission

- Even during Covid-19 when events were out of the question, our mission was to connect with the target audience to obtain bokings/enquiries in advance for max sales!

- Beginning from the first touch-point (Instagram) straight into the inbox of the potential customers (Emails)




Highlight of the Project

- Achieving numerous bookings from a single email.

- Achieving being fully booked through sales for 2 full years in advance!

- We now run our client's content creation for her social media platforms which generates leads & sales from a single Reels or Post! 

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