Our mission for Nutrigold was to enhance their social media platforms with a social media revamp as well raise consumer awareness of inside out health with a series of #NutriGLOW Influencer Wellness Campaigns,
from the first touch-point of strategy through to execution.

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Socal Media & PR Strategy

Beginning with a social media re-vamp and a strategy for content & PR Influencer marketing.

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Organic Audience Growth of 10% after 2 weeks


134% Increase in profile visits 

154% Increase in impressions

27.5% Increase in Website Traffic


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After Social Media Revamp & #NutriGLOW Campaign

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PR Wellness Campaign


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For international day of happiness, we brought Instagram & Tiktok Influencers their very own #NutriGLOW Box full of goodies with a potential reach of 220,000+ users on IG.


Some of the results from the 1st Influencer Marketing campaign after 2 weeks of organic IG engagement, a social media re-vamp and launching an engaging content strategy.



Project Highlights

Project Mission

- Increase Brand Exposure

- Revamp Socials

- Grow IG audience

- Raise a social awareness of the company through a series of #NutriGLOW Social Media / PR Campaigns. 


- Healthcare & Wellbeing

- Beauty


Highlights of the Project

- 60.5% increase in IG Reach


-35.4% Increase in Impressions


- 36.3% increase in Website traffic from Social Media

- Collaborated with 2+ consumer brands created strong relationships with Influencers