Our mission for the client Nutrigold, was to further enhance their social media platforms with a social revamp with the goal to raise awareness with the #NutriGLOW PR Wellness Campaign. 

Social Media Revamp 

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An audience growth of 10% after 8 weeks

27.5% increase in website impressions 

154% increase in impressions 

134.2% increase in profile visits

Before social media revamp + #NutriGLOW campaign

After social media revamp + #NutriGLOW campaign

PR Wellness Campaign


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Project Highlights

Project Mission

The mission of this project was to raise a social awareness of the company through a social media revamp and a #NutriGLOW campaign for international Happiness Day. 




Highlight of the Project

The outcome of the social revamp and campaign was a success as it gained 10% of an audience in 2 months and reached an audience of  90,000 through influencers we collaborated with for the #NutriGLOW campaign.