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Reaching your 2021 biz goals?

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Launching your new project and needing some marketing or strategy guidance?

Or perhaps you'd like some help hitting those Q4 Goals to get ready for 2022?

Here at Exi we've worked with 00s of businesses and helped them GROW! 💪

We're here to help you SHOW OFF your value & understand that where you can't outsource, you can learn to take on with guidance, and that's what our POWER Hours are perfect for. ⚡

Tailored to your goals & business, our POWER Hour Sessions are structured to:

✨ Set your goals + define audience needs

✨ Work on a Holistic Strategy for your specific goals

✨ Create a step-by-step Action Plan with details

Need a strategy for your email marketing or to drive more leads to your website through your social media strategy? Looking for specific answers to your questions + wish you had someone to ask?

These sessions are perfect for tailoring to the information you're after.

Plus, we check in on you after every session to keep you on-check & be by your side 24/7 for you to reach those goals!

Thinking about how we can help your business? Book a free consultation to find out.


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