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Our 121 Video Call Trainings on mastering Social Media Skills are the perfect way to train yourself on how to use your digital communications to:


  • Boost your Brand Exposure
  • Grow your Social Media Following
  • Increase your Audience Engagement
  • Shape your Customer Perception 
  • Increase your Sales & Website Traffic! 

This bespoke online Social Media Training does the above and provides you with a 1 month Content Plan for 2-3 social media channels with the following Topic List:


  • Your top 3 Social Media Channels & Basics
  • Creating Your Brand Story, Symbols, Theme + Image
  • How-to: Content Creation (+ Reels/ TikToks!) 
  • Do's & Don'ts
  • Photography Tips
  • Hashtags
  • Using Analytics & Insights: Timing, Content, Style
  • Organic Following Growth & Engagement
  • Story Tips 
  • Promoting / Facebook ADs


Simply purchase & we will follow up with your preferred timing slot.


All you need is a notepad, your laptop/tablet and your smartphone! Sessions are carried out via MS Teams / Zoom. You will also receive printable "To-do" checklists for your Aftercare to help you implement all your new skills into ACTION!



We also offer bespoke Online Trainings / Workshops on the following topics:


  • Elevate your Customer Journey & Experience
  • Sales & ROI Optimisation​
  • Marketing Metrics, Analytics & Tactics
  • How to: Marketing Leadership 
  • Personal Branding
  • Content Marketing & Copywriting Skills


We also offer in-person and in-house trainings. Please contact us for more details.


Additionally, we offer longer sessions, group workshops and bundle packages discounts too,  contact us to find out more. 

1:1 Mastering Social Media Online Training

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